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Three weeks until Christmas: Things to do

  • Finalise gift buying
  • Finish writing Christmas cards
  • Post Christmas Cards
  • Post local/interstate gifts
  • Start wrapping the presents
  • Finalise decorating the house and garden
  • Firm up any Christmas and New Year social arrangements
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Things to do in February

February isn’t exactly a Christmassy month, and quite frankly, thoughts of Christmas are far from my mind. If you are keen on doing something for the next season, then we recommend the following:

  • Pick up cards, ribbon, wrapping and “non-fashion” item gifts in the post Christmas clearance sales.
  • Sort through your gift/present box, keep wanted items, and donate the rest to charity
  • Make any post-Christmas follow up phone calls and send emails and letters.
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Christmas Party Tips – How much Food should I serve?

Okay, so you know when you are having your function, and how many people are coming. You’ve decided on the type of food, but have no idea how much to prepare.

Are you wanting to know how big a Turkey to buy? How many chickens to cook? What size ham to get?, How many canapés to prepare?

We recommend that you check out this  handy Christmas Serving calculator(includes cooking times) from How much should I serve