Chocolate Ripple Cake

Christmas Dessert Idea – Chocolate Ripple Cake

Chocolate Ripple Cake is an Australian Classic.  This is a Christmas version, which is a double quantity, shaped like a Christmas wreath.

The opportunities to tailor the recipe to personal taste is limited only by your imagination.

Keen to give it a go?  You can download the recipe via this link: Christmas Wreath Cake

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Christmas Dessert Idea – Chocolate Cherry Semifreddo

The joy in semifreddo is in its fluffy, soft texture. In Italian, semifreddo means “half cold”, which is a perfect description for this mousse-like ice-cream that remains velvety, even straight out of the freezer.

The mixture is whipped, so it contains a lot of air and sugar, which keeps it from becoming too hard. Better still, no ice-cream churner is required!

Get the recipe here: Link to desserts