One week to go

One week to go! Things to do

Hopefully everything is going well in the build up to Christmas. Take some time out just for you and try not to let everything overwhelm you. If everything is running to plan then there shouldn’t be too many surprises. Things you may need to do this week include:

  • Buy and decorate a live tree
  • Wrap presents
  • Tidy garden and house
  • Pre-make/bake Christmas Day items
  • Collect meat and seafood orders
  • Purchase perishable food items
  • Check snacks and beverage stocks
  • Do you need ice?


This one was on Facebook some time ago.

Freeze black coffee as ice cubes

1/2 cup milk

1/4 Vanilla Vodka

1/4 Baileys

Mix all ingredients together.

Can be made as a punch bowl drink

Summer Holiday: Summer Holiday Recipe 



Are you looking for an easy to make snack to serve with drinks that’s just a little more interesting than potato crisps and nuts? Yes? Then give parmesan crisps a go. You only need two ingredients – grated parmesan and plain flour (GF flour is fine too.) You can add chives, rosemary or pepper to spice it up a little. Get the recipe (from here: Parmesan Crisps



Do you want to make small bows for presents and decorating but are having trouble getting your fingers around it? The folks at came up with a great suggestion – mini fork bows. You can get all of the details via this web link: Mini Fork Bows Tutorial



Are you looking for some ideas for table centres and settings? Before starting, remember that when decorating the dining room table you need to make sure that valuable food real estate is not cluttered with ornaments, and that guests are able to see each other and converse easily across the table (unless you have made a strategic decision to prevent this). Also less can be more. Small touches (a set of candles, home made placemats, simple ornaments) can be much more appealing than tinsel and tat. You can find some ideas for table centres, crackers and placemats on our Craft Page.


Follow Santa as he moves around the world: Santa Tracker


Things to do, Two weeks to go

Two weeks to go! Things to do

With only two weeks left to go things are really ramping up, with loads of last minute present buying and recipe ideas.

We have a bumper post for you this week and we hope that you enjoy it.  Here are some things to do:

  • Wrap presents
  • Check that all presents have been bought, sent and sorted
  • Send cards (if you haven’t already)
  • Do a thorough clean of the house
  • Clean out the fridge and pantry
  • Make Christmas sweets and biscuits
Christmas post, Post for Christmas, Sending presents and cards

Post early for Christmas!

If you are sending cards and gifts interstate or overseas the you will need to get moving and have everything posted at least 2 weeks before the 25th.

Check international postage deadlines with Australia Post (or your country’s carrier) to give yourself plenty of time.

Last year I sent a parcel interstate on 14th December and it didn’t arrive at its destination until 7 January.

Be prepared! Post your items early.