Four weeks until Chrsitmas, Things to do

Four weeks until Christmas: Things to do

  • Finalise on line purchases
  • Write cards
  • Send gifts overseas
  • Buy card stamps
  • Put up outdoor lights and test
  • Decorate house
  • Set up artificial trees (order live tree)
  • Purchase non-perishable foods
  • Finalise craft work
  • Plan Xmas baking
Christmas, Five weeks until Christmas, Planning, Things to do

Five weeks until Christmas! Things to do.

  • Finalise Christmas day invitation
  • Stock up on party supplies (serviettes, toothpicks, disposable plates etc.)
  • Stock on Xmas pantry items
  • Check food orders (place them as needed)
  • Check that you have sufficient room/tables/seating for Xmas parties
  • Buy wrapping paper, ribbons, embellishments and cards
  • Finalise craft items and present making
  • Take out Christmas decorations and decide what you want to use
  • Test Christmas lights and replace bulbs
  •  Buy additional decorations
  • Donate unwanted items to charity