Christmas, Planning

Things to do In December

Final countdown folks:

  • Get the Advent Calendar out and operational
  • Check that all of your decorations are in good order
  • Check your Christmas lights – if there are any frayed edges, exposed wires, or you just aren’t feeling comfortable about them, then throw them out and get new ones.
  • Spend some time decorating each area/room you\ intend to decorate
  • Get your Christmas stamps
  • Do a couple of cards everyday
  • Post your cards and parcels early
  • Make your Christmas wreath(s)
  • Buy presents and cards
  • Make your Christmas Sweets
  • Prepare your Christmas Cakes
  • Stock up on your Christmas food
  • Clear out any excess rubbish or unwanted things
  • Make sure that your bills are up to date
  • Check through all of your pantry items to ensure that nothing is out of date
  • Check through the fridge and freezer to through out old and out of date items

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