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Looking for a drink? Try a Harvey Wallbanger

An oldie but a goodie:

–       30mls Vodka

–       15mls Galliano liqueur

–       160mls orange juice


Pour the vodka into a long glass, add the orange juice on top and float the Galliano on the top of the drink

To garnish:

–       2 thin slices of orange

–   ice cubes


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Things to do in October

Things really start to ramp up in late October, so make sure that your Christmas preparations are underway:

  • Buy presents and cards
  • Present making
  • Start preparing your Christmas budget, at this time of year there are a lot of bills due. Don’t forget to cater for the following expenses:
    • Cards and wrapping
    • Presents
    • Food and drink
    • Postage
    • Electricity bill
    • Gas bill
    • Water rates
    • Council Rates
    • Mortgage/rent payments
    • Car registration
    • Insurances
    • Membership renewals