Christmas, Planning, Things to do in June

Things to do in June

June sees another round of annual sales (end of the financial year). It is a good time to stock up on stocking fillers and other easily stored, non-perishable gifts.

*Look for gifts that are not likely to go out of fashion

*Start buying craft supplies

*Think about the types of presents you intend to make this year.

*Make your fruit mince (if you make your own)

*Prepare and freeze seasonal fruits for Christmas jams

Christmas, Planning

Things to do in May

Not sure what to do in May? Give these ideas a go:

*Take advantage of the off-Christmas season to go through your craft supplies.

*Throw out/donate any unwanted items and determine what items you need to replace or purchase

*Think about future craft projects you may wish to try

*Review ideas in your Christmas books and magazines

*Check out local craft suppliers. You can often pick up cheap Christmas items this time of year.

Christmas, Easter, Planning, Things to do in April

Things to do in April

April is often spent on Easter things rather than thinking about Christmas at all. So what are you likely to be doing in April? Why not consider the following

*Decorate for Easter

*Stock up on craft supplies in the post-Easter sales (internet orders only)

*Sort through and tidy craft supplies

*Make jams and preserves using the end of season fruit and vegetables

*Decorate preserve jars

*Pack up Easter decorations after the event.

Christmas, Easter, Planning, Things to do in March

Things to do in March

March is all about Easter planning, so unless you are an all-year-round Christmas crafter, most of your attention will be on the April Easter holiday.  So what should you be doing?

*Make sure that all Christmas leftovers are eaten or thrown out

*Start buying Easter eggs and sweets

*Complete Easter crafts

*Plan Easter functions

*Plan your Easter baking